Hi, everyone! Long time, no update!

Oct 16th 2019

Hi, everyone! Long time, no update!

I'm in the process of answering all the messages that built up while I was single-parenting while my husband was away for military training. It was a very long six weeks, but I'm happy to announce things will be resuming as normal. I've even admitted defeat when it comes to the business.

I'm not ready to give up on being a full-time mama a full-time lady boss at the same time, but I am ready to swallow my pride and admit I can't do everything (as my unexpected hiatus has proven) while being a super mom. My sewing helper who worked with me during my maternity leave will be returning to help with some of the more monotonous, time-consuming tasks (waist ties, obi belts, and bias tape!). I've also brought on a friend to help me with fulfilling orders and organizing my backlog of stuff. With how sick my little boy has been combined with the terrible twos my daughter finds herself in, lack of time and focus has been making it almost impossible to manage the 200+ orders, especially with my husband being gone.

Having my husband my two helpers over the last week has helped tremendously and has given me the glimmer of hope that I can shower more than once a week! Now that I'm not being pulled in every direction, a lot of stuff is getting done! A lot of you will notice that you got shipping notifications over the last few days. Those packages will be going out later today after I tackle the backlog of emails so I can pull any packages that were requested to be cancelled. I'm done with about half of the orders from AX which I know have been a long time coming. A change of employment at the printers I use for vinyl has caused a little bit of a delay since the person who usually tackles my orders is no longer working at the shop. Luckily the new guy is fully trained as of last week and has been working on updating my portfolio of graphics, so I should be able to resume kimono dress orders that require vinyl and pressing by this Friday.

For kimono dresses and pinafore orders going forward, I will be making a few changes until I can find my new work flow with my helpers. I'll likely only be taking five orders at a time until I can be sure that I can take on more, especially since cold and flu season is coming (which will mean I will be spending a lot of time at the children's hospital each time my son gets sick and has to be admitted). I'll likely be working with a lottery system to pick who gets the spots and, with luck and good health, will be able to accept those new orders in early November.

Now, back to answering emails and packaging up some more orders!

P.S. I have quite a few new designs that have been finished for months, but haven't been able to be released since I haven't had a second to answer messages, let alone take pictures and update the site. Now that I have help, I should be able to get those done soon!

P.P.S. My helper has been organizing and cataloging all of my extra stock, so I'll be having a huge online sample sale soon!