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One heck of an update

Hi, all! Big post, so make sure to read all the way through! As you can probably tell from the photo, this is an announcement concerning my current pregnancy =) My husband, daughter, and I are happy to announce that we'll be welcoming a baby boy into our family come December. Since Darling Army is a home business, this also affects all of you!

First off, I wanted to apologize profusely for my lack of activity, messaging, and slowing of orders in general for the past month or so. On top of the normal difficulty and exhaustion of the first trimester, we were having to deal with extreme morning sickness, moving, my husband getting his own business off the ground, my backlog of work, and a couple scares concerning the pregnancy. Thankfully, though, life is calming down a little and I'm in a much better place physically and mentally as I enter the second trimester. I'm sorry again for my absence and will be able to focus on Darling Army going forward.

So what does this mean for the DA? Fortunately, not much will change. I've kept my construction times around the 3-8 weeks that I switched to when I was pregnant with my daughter and plan to continue this general time frame (possibly extending to 10 weeks like the last batch of orders since I was moving). My helper is back and, since school is out, she'll actually be helping me full-time until August, so summer should have pretty quick turnaround times. This means I'll be available for Halloween orders this year, unlike like year when I was still on maternity leave for my daughter. I will be taking December and part of January off to give birth to and bond with my son, but I normally take a break in December anyways, so not much will be changing from previous years.

As I mentioned above, I'm now in a better place so that I can devote time again to the Darling Army and should hopefully have new updates very soon. My photo studio should be up and running in the next month or so (building a small barn to house it), so all of my backlog of brand new designs will finally get photographed and shared! Instagram will go back to near-daily updates, and Facebook will hopefully be getting updated almost as often. With my helper, orders should go back to a normal schedule and likely an accelerated one for June and July. I'll be announcing a new acceptance date very very soon, so thank you for being patient over the last two months!

Thanks again for your understanding, love, and support. Let's make this a great summer for cosplay!