The 2020 Update

Jan 16th 2020

The 2020 Update

Hi, all! I just wanted to make a quick post to let you guys know about how orders will be going from here. Even though I've managed to work a lot more in the past week by sneaking around the house/studio so that my son doesn't see me. I'm still not comfortable with taking my normal 20 orders at a time as I've consistently been late with most of my kimono dress orders over the last year. I had mentioned previously that construction times are up to 12 weeks now, but I'm afraid I'll need to up that to 16 weeks to be safe since I find myself unable to work on most days between doctors appointments and breathing treatments for Tiny Baby.

I super hate to resort to this, but for my next order date, I'll only be taking around 5-10 orders and will be using a lottery system. I haven't 100% decided how I want to do this, but I'll likely just have a signup for people interested in ordering about a week ahead of time and then use a random number generator to pick from the list.

I very much hope it won't be like this forever (or even through June or July). The pediatrician says things should get easier with tiny baby since he's over a year now, so I'm hoping things can go back to a more normal pace soon. I'm doing everything I can to not just close Darling Army for good, but even though I try to spend every second in my studio working on the last of the orders from Anime Expo (in July!!), I'm just barely caught up. I just now finished answering messages that have been backed up since mid-November.

At the very least, I'm saving to get a laptop to have at the house so that I have a way to answer messages even when I can't be in the studio for weeks at a time. Now I just need to get both kids to sleep through the night so I can either start waking up early or staying up late to take care of computer stuff for the DA.

On a happier note, it was amazing to meet everyone at Anime Los Angeles this past weekend! I found out I was going super last minute and luckily had everything ready to go from AX last year. I was super stoked to see familiar faces and meet a bunch of new people! I actually feel a lot less burnt out and overwhelmed after the con! It was five days of working morning til night and lots of heavy lifting, but I got to sleep more than four consecutive hours which I haven't done since July when Tiny Baby started having breathing problems. I'm still riding out that sleep high and find myself able to focus so much better than before  ^_^

Let's get back on track, 2020!